My iPod MOD

iPod Video mSATA Mod Rockbox

iPod mSATA SSD Mod with 25hr dual battery setup,  Thermal gap filler is added in between the SSD & the back Aluminium case.
iPod Video mSATA Mod Internal

Back engraving:
iPod Video mSATA Mod Back Engraving

Result: 25hrs of continuous runtime, 41642 KB/s aligned 1MB disk read speed.


Internal iMOD with Silmic II capacitor.

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

9 thoughts on “My iPod MOD

  1. William

    Hi, i Just installed my sdd mod (crucial 480gb) into my iPod. It’s correctly formated to fat32 and I was able to restore it without any problem on iTunes. My iPod recognizes the ssd but I have an issue. I read some threads about that brutal battery drain that empties the battery nearly instantly to figure out what causes it, it happens to me every time. I also have a hard time recharging the iPod when the ssd is plugged in. I wanted to know if it is the adapter’s fault or if my mod is really to much overkill for my iPod to handle it.
    my adapter is (I don’t know if I present it right) : Lotes N-1823P
    Which one do you use and does it better handle the problem ?

    thanks and good evening

  2. Justin

    I wish you would post additional information about your set up. I have the adapter, 240GB msata and two batteries coming tomorrow. Would love to have more info on the Silmic II capacitor installation and if you have run into any issues with this setup. I hope I don’t run into the issue William is having.

  3. John Lennon

    Would you please tell us name of your battery model and its modification method?
    I’ve never seen these ‘paralleled batteries before. I hope you can tell us how to make it.
    Are you using two 850 mah batteries?

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