iPod 5G Headphone Output Capless MOD

iPod video 5/5.5th uses WM8758B as DAC and headphone output. Rockbox can be configured to enable WM8758B’s capless headphone features, with this mod, you will get the purist sound that is possible with this Wolfson chip. The trade off: about 3db degradation in S/N. The dock line-out will no longer functional, however, you can use the headphone jack as balanced line-out, with proper cabling & grounding.

If you want the dock pin line_out untouched, check this output swap mod. Notice that firmware setup are different thus they are not compatible, neither mod will work the stock Apple firmware or original Rockbox firmware.

Stock implementation


Capless configuration


iPhD How To

First, download and install modified Rockbox firmware., this will enable the capless headphone output mod on your ipod.

Hardware mod:

  • Dissamble iPod and Logic board before the MOD:
    Minolta DSC
    Minolta DSC
    Minolta DSC

  • Remove the two Z caps(original lineout coupling capacitor) connected to R_Lout and L_Lout.

  • Remove all four coupling capacitors, C140, C150, C145, C146.

  • Cut the headphone jack FPC cable along the green line.
    Minolta DSC

    Minolta DSC

  • Cut one notch on metal frame, another notch on the face plate as marked in black, to allow HP_COM wire to pass through.
  • Connect HP_COM on the headphone jack to the original R_Lout, L_Lout.
  • Connect HP_Right, HP_Left to the corresponding headphone jack pins.
  • After mod:
    Minolta DSC

  • Notice the added 47uf capacitor between AVDD2 & AGND. The will vastly improve the audio quality. The soldering pads are tiny so the following picture illustrates a few soldering locations of choice, AGND marked in Green, AVDD marked in pink.

4 thoughts on “iPhD MOD

  1. Joe

    Great work and this looks very interesting mod.

    Now if I still want to use an external amp, which version of the mod should be chosen for better audio?



    1. minwei Post author

      It all depends on how the external amp is setup, connecting through the line-out or headphone jack?

      Most external portable amp will not benefits through this MOD, because the simplified sound path became complicate again, unless you have the DIY cmoy type amp, with which you can feed a balanced signal in.

  2. Joe


    Looking at the board, I can’t see any pads for soldering the two wires for AVDD2 & AGND near the DAC. Can you blow up the detail?



  3. SAM

    Hi! Look at this document http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/media/76821/WAN0131.pdf
    In the interest of saving board space and cost, it may be desirable to eliminate the
    220µF DC blocking capacitors, with the added benefit of improved frequency… is it not possible to just solder 3 wires to HPout L,R and OUT3 and connect them directly at HP plug or DOCK line out. ?


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